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About Adanech


Adanech is an In-Home Care Agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  We serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our programs and supports are built around the unique needs of each individual we serve and designed to promote independence, skill development, personal choice and growth.  We are committed to enhancing lives through compassionate care by providing quality services in home or community-based environments, empowering the individuals we serve to live, work and thrive in their community.

Adanech carries professional and business liability insurance and is certified by The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Our Mission:

Our mission is specializing in enhancing lives through compassionate care.  We provide the highest quality of care with a sense of warmth, kindness and individual pride. Adanech respects the wishes and rights of our clients and aim to improve the health and quality of life while addressing their needs with dignity, respect, responsiveness and compassion.  We endeavor to help our clients achieve their maximum level of health and well-being while promoting their safety and independence.  Whether it's at home, school, or a community site, our employees are committed to ensuring families have the resources to remain at home and in their communities.  We strive for client and employee satisfaction. 


Our Vision:

Our vision is to continue refining a system of quality services and supports delivered in respectful, inclusive environments, to foster competent, evidence-based practice, and to extend our reach to all Ohioan's with developmental disabilities who need our services.

Our    Values:

Our values are rooted in:  Commitment, Teamwork, Satisfaction, Professionalism, Reliability, Excellence, Resourcefulness, Integrity and Compassion.  We do everything we can through our decisions and actions so:

  • We put the people we serve first  

  • We provide quality care with compassion.

  • We develop and employ well trained staff of the highest caliber.

  • We deliver individually tailored services based on individual preference.

  • We promote self-determination and self-advocacy efforts of those served.

  • We identify and facilitate neighborhood and community activities/opportunities of those served.

Guiding Principles:

Adanech operates under these guiding principles

Participatory Democracy

  • Adanech acts to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their parents, siblings, family members and other concerned members of the public have meaningful opportunities to inform and guide the direction of the organization’s advocacy, including determining policy and positions on important issues. The Arc strives for diversity in its leadership, as well as in all facets of the work of the organization.


Visionary Leadership

  • Adanech leads by articulating a positive vision for the future of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and catalyzes public and private support in realization of that vision through carefully planned and well-executed goals, strategies and actions.


Public Interest

  • Adanech represents the public interest, supporting and acting with and on behalf of all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families regardless of the type of disability.



  • Adanech works with individuals, organizations and coalitions in a collaborative fashion. Adanech values and promotes effective partnerships between volunteer and staff leadership at all levels of the organization.


Transparency, Integrity and Excellence

  • Adanech conducts its business with integrity, accountability, and open, honest and timely communication. Adanech is committed to quality and excellence in all its does.

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